Watching Daniel Bloom

Our long-awaited hospital stay

Posted on: April 3, 2011

Well, the time has finally come – we’re packing up and getting ready to go to the hospital for the long-awaited 3-day EEG at Sick Kids. I don’t know what I expect to come of this visit, but I know that I’ll be glad to get it over and done with.

The stress and the worries – all the what-if’s that float through my head every night – would be much easier to take if I had some answers about what we’re dealing with. It’s the unknowns that are the killer, especially as I watch my brother-in-law struggle so much on  a daily basis with his epilepsy and the related illnesses that have so defined his adult life. It’s hard not to imagine Daniel on the same path, especially knowing the many similarities between the two of them.

My mind this weekend is in a spin, and I definitely feel like I’m on the edge of sanity at times. It certainly feels like we’re getting more than our fair share of bad luck right now, which isn’t helping. Poor little Charlotte, having recovered from her Scarlett fever less than a week ago, woke up covered – literally head-t0-toe – in red spots. Panic set in as I realized it’s Sunday, my doctor is not around, I need to take her to stay with my sister (who has kids of her own) in a potentially sick state and needing medication, and, just to top it off, Daniel may have been exposed to something that could jeopardize our very long-awaited EEG appointment. &$%*

After some panicked calls to the on-call nurse, we figured out that the spots are the result of a harmless (and non-contagious) reaction to the antibiotics she was on. So , I’m packing and getting ready to go.  If we can make it through all this, we can make it through anything.


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