Watching Daniel Bloom

Surgery is done…and my baby can finally sleep again

Posted on: March 20, 2011

Last week we finally hit the big day – tonsils and adenoids removed at the hospital. We arrived at 8am scheduled for 9:30 surgery, and other than some very grumpy behaviour, everything went as well as we could hope. Daniel was very groggy and miserable when I joined him in the recovery room, but he settled down in my arms quite quickly, and before long we we transferred up to the ward.

There’s no question he was in a lot of pain, but the codeine and tylenol kept that under control. Unfortunately, it became clear by the end of the day when he had not slept at all that the codeine was keeping him awake. For most people, it helps bring on sleep, but a small number of people experience the reverse effect. So, from then on, it was tylenol only.

We went home the next day and it really was no worse than dealing with Daniel when he has a flu or a bad cold – he was grumpy but with a lot of fluids and even more TV, the days passed without too much trouble. Around day 6 he suddenly seemed to have an increase in his pain levels, but apparently that’s fairly typical, and we just added a bit more tylenol to the mix.

In the end, it really did take a full 10 days for him to recover – but it was worth every moment of pain and suffering.

It almost brings tears to my eyes to watch him sleep now, so deeply, so soundly, and so quietly. My poor baby is catching up on far too many nights of lost sleep (and so am I).


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