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My reasons to be thankful

Posted on: March 8, 2011

There are many days when I feel overwhelmed by everything that’s going on. I know that I can spin myself up with worries – the what if’s and the unknowns – but when I’m in a good headspace, I have a much easier time putting things in perspective. Since I’m in one of those places right now, I thought I’d make a list of reasons to be thankful. Hopefully, reading these on my bad days will help pull me back out.

Reason #1 – I have the most amazing husband that remains my best friend, and who I’m happy to go home to every night.

Reason #2 – I have two beautiful children who I love more than anything, and who love me back, seemingly unconditionally.

Reason #3 – I have a wonderful, loving extended family that would do anything for me.

Reason #4 – I have a dad who is my own personal, permanent, on-call pediatrician/expert, available at any hour of any day to talk me through things, and provide support and advice.

Reason #5 – My friends. I have such amazing friends.

Reason #6 – I love my job and the people I work with, and I have the flexibility to work 4 days a week (and less if I need to)

Reason #7 – We are financially stable enough that I don’t have to worry about things like paying the mortgage on a daily basis.

Reason #8 – I have faith in a greater power that seems to bring me what I need when I need it, like the time a really good friend from thousands of miles away called up to say he was coming to town and wanted to get together. That friend, who we hadn’t seen for 3 years, just happens to have nocturnal epilepsy. Just when I needed reassuring that things can and will be ok, regardless of the final diagnosis, I was sent a living, breathing, reminder.

Reason # 9 – My kids make me laugh and give the best hugs and cuddles ever…maybe this should have been #1….

Reason #10 – We have a fantastic daycare with caring, loving teachers that provide my kids with guidance, care, and most importantly, love when I’m not there to give it to them.

Reason # 11 – Friday is never more than 6 days away…same goes for a glass of nice red wine and some Benedictine Bleu.

Reason #12 – Getting cancellation appointments for both the sleep clinic and the surgery, saving us a total of over 3 months in waiting times.

OK – that’s a good list for now…I’m sure I’ll add more over time.


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