Watching Daniel Bloom

Just once, couldn’t you say Mama?

Posted on: November 22, 2010

He says Moo. He says Map (Ma). But do you think he’ll say Mama? I try not to feel upset and bothered. And seriously, I’m doing a good job at it. I genuinely understand at the deepest level that the fact that my child doesn’t SAY my name has absolutely no correlation to how much he needs or wants me. In fact, if anything, I wish he didn’t need me so much sometimes. Sometimes, I wish someone else could be the one to calm him, or help him sleep, or watch him as he wakes up 15 times in one hour at 3am. Trust me, I really wish someone else could be that person.

But beyond all that, and when I’m feeling just a little bit selfish, I wish, I just wish…he’d say Mama. Just once.


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  • danielblooms: Julia - I'm going to email you directly. You can always, always reach out to me personally.
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